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Coaching others in their own reinvention - their awakening and transformation – is at the heart of all she does. For over 12 years she has logged thousands of hours coaching leaders globally and found many weren’t happy with their lives - in spite of the success they had achieved.  Why? They weren’t living the life they were born to live.

Anastasia guides you to recognize and understand the significant transitions, turning points and wakeup calls on your path to leading and living on purpose.   Through a unique gift of powerful intuition, practical leadership experience and the ancient wisdom of numerology, Anastasia can help you discover the great work you were meant to do and help you to navigate the changes needed to align with your purpose. 


A Personal Letter to My Subscribers, Fans, Friends and Followers


I’m writing today to share a personal letter with my subscribers. 2010 has been a year of great blessings and personal growth for me. As a result I have made some significant shifts that impact my business and  I wanted to share these with you. This post is unlike anything I’ve shared before but felt it was important to share it at this time.


Just as I encourage each of you to do, I have been aligning my life’s work with the values, gifts and talents that I’ve been given. This is a big step for me because it requires me to be transparent, to own up to who I am, how I want to move in the world and what is truly important to me. 

While I’ve had success as a multinational corporate leader, a certified coach, a bestselling author and speaker – what has been at the core of my success is the fact that I closely listen to and follow my intuition. Intuition is the inner guidance system we all have and shows up as that still small voice or “gut instinct”. 


In my case, I’m highly intuitive. By “intuitive” I mean that I am given images, storylines and knowledge of events to occur, and strong messages for other people. Sometimes I get information from departed loved ones on the other side who are there to support you on your journey. Essentially I become a channel for information that is needed to come through for the person. I act as a bridge between this world and the spirit world to relay information that is significant for the person. 


In every case I am given this information for the highest good of the person and to encourage them to move forward on their life path.  It’s what I’ve always known and have quietly used since I was a child. Now in the months leading up to the new year I feel strongly directed that 2011 is the year that I am to use my gifts in a public way. 


Even as I write this I wonder how strange this may sound to you, especially if we’ve worked together in a business setting before. After 28 years in Corporate America it’s not something I was vocal about or introduced over coffee breaks. My leadership career was centered on project management, change management and organizational transformation, and I logged thousands of hours coaching leaders across all levels of the organization. I was careful to keep my 2 worlds separate – in part because I didn’t think people would understand and I had worked very hard to build a career built around “logic”. Yet throughout all those years it was my intuition that successfully guided me time after time – even when it didn’t make sense at first.


During the last 18 months I have focused exclusively on leadership coaching & development. In 2011 I’m being led to combine the transformational leadership skills I honed in Corporate America with my intuitive gifts – and to use them in a public way to support your growth. 


The joining of two seemingly disconnected worlds–the divine realms and the world of leadership seems to be my particular talent.   My mission is to help you to discover your unique purpose, navigate the changes needed to align with that purpose, and to see you successfully realize your own personal transformation. 


I recently read a startling statistic reported by The Harvard Business Review: 


  • 1 in 3 high potential employees admit to not putting all of his/her effort into their job

  • 1 in 4 believe they will be working for another employer in a year

  • 1 in 5 believes that their personal aspirations are different from what the organization has planned for them

The numbers are startling, but to be honest I’m not surprised. Maybe you’re the 1 in the statistic above who isn’t satisfied where you’re at, perhaps you feel like your personal goals don’t match your current role or the organization you’re in, or you long to step out and do something entirely different. Here’s the great news. You’re feeling this way for a reason.  You’ve been given your leadership talent and ability for a unique purpose – a purpose no one but you can fulfill.  


What drives me is my desire to help you reach your highest potential, and experience success, abundance AND fulfillment through aligning with your life’s work. There really is nothing better than living and leading on purpose.


In 2011 I will be launching programs and products to enable you to do just that.  Today I’m announcing the launch of the Intuitive Consultation. 




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